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Karen Montano California

I had the HONOR of having a Soul Session with Julianna. If you know me, I don’t often have readings or energy work from others. I take this type of energy exchange VERY seriously and ONLY work on myself with someone when I truly resonate with someone’s integrity. Julianna knew nothing of me. Her soul sessions involve receiving messages from one’s soul who requests guidance. I have been going through a great deal of changes in my life…saw her work…and before I even understood what it was, signed up for it. I want to share with you all, her messages from my soul to myself where AMAZING!!!! She truly has the gift to receive messages, not try to put her “human” understanding to them and rationalize their meaning, and just delivers them. We set an appointment…no questions about me or what answers I was longing for…she goes into meditation, talks with your soul self, sets up a Skype appointment (because she’s in Ireland and I’m in So. California), emails her messages about 10 minutes before you Skype and then has a session with you. Honestly…in her first sentence, she wrote…’If the world were to name a ship to commemorate your life they would simply call it dignity”. Now, how could she know that for the last 5 years, I have worked on a program I call “Dignity Therapy” for Hospice??? This is just ONE aspect of the reading that was amazing. I don’t always go around tooting bells and whistles for someone but I want to for Julianna. I have been in the New Age Spiritual World for over 30 years…and when you meet someone who comes from love and integrity…they deserve to be acknowledged. Thank you, Julianna. And if you feel so inclined to have a conversation with your soul self (or higher self), this woman is gifted and humbly doing her work! 🙂 Blessings!

Sinead in New York

“My life was thrown into disarray when I emigrated to New York. I was struggling with the move, the loneliness and I felt I was lacking clarity and direction in my new life. From the moment I first emailed Julianna, I felt a sense of reassurance, support and validation for my feelings. Given the geographic distance, we coordinated a Skype session. Julianna emailed my personalized letter in advance of the Skype, while our call was a careful and considerate journey through every aspect of my letter.
Julianna’s capacity to capture the reality of a situation, to connect this to your inner self and to facilitate steps of growth are exception.
All the while she exudes a divine and loving glow. The Skype signposts from Julianna is a microcosm of love, where you feel the warm embrace of Julianna’s compassionate encouragement. One of the things I love most is Julianna’s honesty. She refuses to sugar coat a message, but rather provides a real, vivid observation in a nurturing and safe environment – and a message you already know inside!! Julianna is truly an angel among us!”

Kelly in Australia

“Reading with Julianna was one of the most profound spiritual experiences I’ve ever had in my life. The words of the reading spoke directly to my heart and soul and went to the very centre of my being, resonating strongly with the Highest Truth within me. Juliana’s script reads like a poem to me and serves as a strong spiritual anchor any time I need grounding or clarity. Information that I received from Juliana helped me to instantly see my real soul path and follow it with faith. Thank you Juliana for your wonderful work”.

Shauna in Florida

Julianna signpost was pure truth. She held me through our Skype call like we were old friend. Having someone not judge you in any way is a rare gift and a breath of fresh air. It truly helped me get clarity and to have the strength to make a decision I knew in my heart and soul I needed to make for a long time. Thanks for your healing gift Julianna. Your little letter and healing presence is a rare gift…I will cherish the words in my reading forever.

Lana in Russia

“Julianna has a truly rare and genuine gift of being able to scribe from spirit. Her readings are hugely beneficial and enlightening, whether done face-to-face or through skype. I have had many other styles of readings over the years and in my personal experience this was by far the most useful and was indeed life changing. Having the written copy meant that I have been able to refer back to it many times maximising the benefits received from it”.

Janet Kingston,  Angel Times,  Limerick & Ennis Ireland

“Your energy is beautiful and it is a truly healing energy that emanates from you as you channel information. It drifted over me like a great mist and enveloped me as your energy re-tuned me to knowledge within myself. My reading was amazing and I am utilizing and working on releasing all limitations I have placed on myself. I have meditated and journeyed back to heal where my issue of self-worth and ability originated in my past life as revealed by you.
Since my appointment with you, the healing you gave and my journey I took to heal my past, I feel stronger in my self-belief and when I am asked for healing now for another, I don’t pray for them I pray for me, because I know now the more powerful my energy is the more I can serve them and channel what they need by attuning them through the God Soul Spirit that lies within.”


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