Sinead in New York

“My life was thrown into disarray when I emigrated to New York. I was struggling with the move, the loneliness and I felt I was lacking clarity and direction in my new life. From the moment I first emailed Julianna, I felt a sense of reassurance, support and validation for my feelings. 
Julianna’s capacity to capture the reality of a situation, to connect this to your inner self and to facilitate steps of growth are exception.
All the while she exudes a divine and loving glow. The Skype signposts from Julianna is a microcosm of love, where you feel the warm embrace of Julianna’s compassionate encouragement. One of the things I love most is Julianna’s honesty. She refuses to sugar coat a message, but rather provides a real, vivid observation in a nurturing and safe environment – and a message you already know inside!! Julianna is truly an wonderful woman among us!”

Kelly in Australia

“The session with Julianna was one of the most profound  experiences I’ve ever had in my life.  I need a grounding approach to the issue I was working through and clarity on the next steps to overcome my situation and it really helped me .Thank you Juliana for your wonderful work”.

Shauna in Florida

Julianna signpost was pure truth. She held me through our Skype call like we were old friend. Having someone not judge you in any way is a rare gift and a breath of fresh air. It truly helped me get clarity and to have the strength to make a decision I knew in my heart and soul I needed to make for a long time. Thanks. I will cherish all we shared  forever.

Lana in Russia

“Julianna has a truly rare and genuine gift. Her counselling style is  hugely beneficial and enlightening, whether done face-to-face or through skype. I have had many other styles of rcounselling over the years and in my personal experience this was by far the most useful and was indeed life changing. 

Distance Reading by phone or skype
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