Soul Sessions

Let you soul speak to you today – Book a Soul Reading

Book a Scribed Soul Reading by phone or Skype worldwide

                          Scribed Soul Reading Face to Face readings                                  Limerick Sept 21st & 25th  

Galway Sept 6 & 9th 2017

Ennis Sept 13th

Sligo Sept 22,d & 23rd

Phone +353 83 1989228 or email

People don’t need to be saved or rescued. They need knowledge of their own power and how to access it.
A Soul reading will provide you with that knowledge and power


If you received a sacred letter from your soul to help to guide you, would you read it?

That’s exactly what I offer .When I scribe I capture the ancient wisdom of your soul and present it to you. This wisdom allows you to see signposts to align your life so that you can live in harmony with your body, mind and soul during this earthling experience. Your soul needs to provide you with this nourishment so you can live your life with joy & peace. Through these signposts you will recognise that mere appreciation of the moment of the feeling in the body & the gratitude at the delight of that moment will sustain you and guide you to a life of serving your Soul’s purpose. Namaste

These message can help bring clarity and perspective on
• Life purpose
• Business advice
• Relationships
• Career
• Education
• Emotional Blocks

These messages are full of warmth and love.

Your Soul knows you have all you need within to live your authentic power. Just take the times to Listen for the Answers.

Your soul and your higher council of guides are not limited by time or space. Your spiritual experience will bring the transformation to heal and transform your life.