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A day of healing & Empowerment tools for the Empath  

Venue: Angel Times Thomas St Limerick on August 26th 2018 10-4.30pm

Learn the tools to gain back control of your energy body & keep it balanced.

Enjoy a sacred space to learn, connect & release dense energy.

If you are you a healer, teacher, reader, nurse or care giver this workshop is for you.

Some clues to identify if you are an empath?

Can you read the moods and energy of others and worry about them?

Are you highly sensitive to the feelings & emotions of those around?

Do you feel physically & emotionally bankrupt dealing with other people’s problems?

Do you find your mood dropping around negative energy?

Do you try to fix others to make them feel better and end up feeling drained?

Do you find it hard to ground & protect yourself?

Empaths have a natural ability to hold sacred space for others. They are very evolved souls. Without developing boundaries, we tend to give ourselves away, feel drained & begin to shy away from others.

If this sounds like YOU help is at hand.

As part of my soul path, I provide support, direction & tools to maintain your energy. These tools work quickly & easily & help you to balance your energy & feel more grounded so you can live in alignment with your true soul calling to help to heal others.

Here is what you will learn at this workshop:

How to open to a powerful flow of information & healing energy with the 12 chakras How to ground & trust how you  protect your auric field & energy body.

How to protect yourself quickly & easily when you feel you are losing energy in company. How to cleans and clear the dense energy after a healing session, a day’s work or an unexpected dense energy attack.

How to clear and close the energy field after a day of caring.

We will use a combination of magical tools to enhance your natural gifts:

Intention setting & Meditations, Crystals, Prayer to Ignite the Violet Flame

Energy Exchange €100 Pre-booking is essential so call  083 1989228.

Deposit of €50 via PayPal or bank transfer.



Develop your intuition -Learn to Connect with the Angels

Angle World Sligo

22nd of September

10-5pm Bookings through Angelworld Sligo

You are invited to a talk given by spiritual teacher, author & renowned intuitive Julianna Jay.

We will explore where your messages come from & help you to identify your gift of

How to connect & trust the messages you are given

You will learn how the angels work bringing daily guidance in your life.
You will learn who Archangel Michael, Metatron & Gabriel are and how to ask for the help you need in your life.

This awareness will help you to make better decisions and increase your self confidence

Let’s all learn to awaken together