Awakening your own Intuitive Power

Learn how to tap into your own inner guidance and be able to trust the guidance your intuition brings you daily.

Julianna Jay, an intuitive speaker will share insight, hints and tips to awaken your intuition.

Julianna works as a bridge between earth and the spirit world, delivering messages that connect

straight to your heart. She channels “ Isis”, & “The Arch Angels of Atlantis”, to provide her clients

with “Signposts from the Soul”. Using her psychic gifts in her daily work, she has seen the clarity,

ease and power that using your intuition can bring to her own life and the life’s of those she reads

for around the globe.

Julianna will share insight, hints and tips with she has discovered along the way.

This talk will explore:

 What intuition really is

 How to tap into your gifts

 Identifying your psychic gifts.

 How to see the signs & trust your messages

 Communicating with your angels, guides and ascended masters

 Tapping into intuition to creating the life you deserve

 Simple ways to communicate with your angels, guides and ascended masters

 Ways to protect your energy and gift

Most importantly this evening offers a chance to connect with like-minded people and enjoy a night in

the company of the Angels.

Dublin 30 th January  Royal Marine Dun Laoghaire

Tickets €25 available from Spirit One Seminars. Contact Mairead at 087 7468583 for bookings.

Limerick 5th of February The Haven Workspace @ Angel Times Thomas St Limerick

Tickets €25 available from Angel Times. Contact Janet at 061 212882  for bookings.

Galway  Amber Mary St Galway Date to be confirmed

Tickets €25 available from Amber  Contact Jessie at 091 567810 for bookings.


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