What’s a soul session

Align your life energetically in a way that supports your highest calling


A soul reading can really help you to identify what you came on earth to do in a high vibration & supportive space  Each soul reading is as unique as your finder tip offering you a chance to change perspective, reflect & to move forward with clarity. Here’s what it can help you with

  • Hear the whispers of your soul in a way you can trust
  • Confirm your soul’s calling to unleash your unique gifts
  • Embrace who you are at a soul level to live in alignment with your unique code
  • Step into the work that you were born to do by identifying your soul purpose
  • Surrender into creating a life’s work not a season
  •  Discover what kind of lightworker you are
  •   Overcome fears associated with a non-judgemental supportive environment.
  •  Clearing energy blocks with sharing your soul’s voice
  •  Refine the next and highest expression of your calling as you grow on the path

  • Identify the soul archetypes & shadow at play in your life & embrace them

  •  Tap into the mystical force that controls the Universe & using these forces to manifest in a high vibration environment.

  • Clear past life traumas to bring emotional imbalance.

  • Find the support of fellow lightworker professionally trained to help you to become unstuck & move forward

  • Work with boundaries in relationships to lean into love

  • Hold space for self-love while being nurtured by Julianna through your personal growth 

  • Learn to mind your energy as you work through disappointments, grief & loss.

  • Refine values, goals and action plan

  • Find the clarity & guts to make aligned meaningful scalable decisions in life

  • Find the confidence to share your message authentically without having to sell your soul

  • Overcome fears of sharing your voice and being you.

    Transform your daily experience of life and skyrocket your success as you shine.






One response to “What’s a soul session

  1. Michelle McKenna

    Hi good morning,
    Have you plans to come to Limerick again?
    Many thanks


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