Awakening your intuition & share your light
A one-day workshop with Julianna Jay

Angel world Sligo


22nd Sept 2018

Your intuition is your birth right and one of the most important gifts
you received in this lifetime from the moment you were born. It’s
your internal GPS system.
The problem is, no one taught you or told you that you were allowed
and supposed to use it. You may know you have it, but you’re just
not sure how to use it daily in your life. Yes …DAILY! We are so
excited to share with you Julianna Jay’s newest program created to
help guide you on the path to developing your birth right. Your
When you develop your intuition and begin to use it on a daily
basis, life gets a whole lot easier. Decision making becomes easier
as you become clearer on what works for you. The answers are all
within you, all you need to do is, learn how to listen. Julianna often
says that when we awaken to our journey, life begins to take a
drastic change.
Our intuition is the tool we use to navigate ourselves through the
changes with ease and confidence. Imagine no longer being scared
things will work out, because you already know they will. What
about being able to see or feel things before they even took place,
so you knew what choice or decision to make. If you are already
awakened but long to see more, feel more, hear more or know
more about intuition then this special workshop is for you.
This workshop will help you to:
 Identify the way messages come to you to strengthen your psychic
or soul gift.
 Learn about Clairaudience, sentience, cognizance, audience
 Awaken to receiving the signs, symbols & numbers daily.
Feathers, pennies, angel feathers, card reading, synchronicities
Learn how to trust the signs and messages you receive from your

 Build up your energy connection with deep soul immersion
through meditation
 Understand the importance of tuning into the right and left brain to
find meaning in your life.
 Learn easy ways to flex and strengthen your intuitive muscle to
stay connected to your guides.
Julianna is authentic, real and gives you valuable information you
can implement with trust in your daily life right now. Her powerful channelled words   soothe the soul to recalibrate mind, body and soul.
She unlocks energy to remove the blocks in confidence and self-belief so
you can share your true gifts with the world.

To book call Angel world Sligo  071 9143440

Energy exchange €85


A residential retreat
Glenstal Abbey Limerick 
Aug 18th and 19th  2018

You are invited to retreat into Self Care

This is designed for the Empath to learn boundaries around self care in their work and relationships.

An empathy is a highly sensitive person who feel the energy of others.

Often as an empath it is hard to work with the energies around you and to keep your own energy maintained. This is a unique opportunity to free yourself from being overwhelmed or drained by others by learning how to maintain healthy boundaries while sharing your loving energy with the world.

Is this residential workshop for you?

Can you read others moods and energy easily?
Do you feel physically and emotionally bankrupt with other peoples problems?
Are you highly sensitive to the feelings & emotions of others?
Do you find your mood dropping around negative energy ?
Do you try to fix others to make them feel better & end up feeling drained and taken for granted
Do you find it hard to ground & protect yourself?
Do you know how to create nurturing relationships and effective boundaries ?
Are you often wrecked by just day to day interacting?

If you answered to 4 or more of these questions you are a highly functioning Empath who needs direction and tools to maintain your energy.
Helping highly functioning Empaths is part of my soul path.

I like you am a highly functioning Empath. Over time I have learnt so many tricks of the trade from wonderful teachers around the world to help live my purpose as a healer and reader.
I love to share these tools which help you to raise your energy so you can shine your light and help/heal others without fear of exhaustion or giving yourself away.

Here is what you will learn at this workshop:
How to ignite a powerful flow of information and healing energy and close them easily after a session.
How to ground using intention setting, breathing, crystals and affirmations that you can trust to protect your auric field & energy body.
How to protect yourself quickly and easily when you feel you are loosing energy in company.
How to cleans and clear the dense energy after a healing session, a days work or an unexpected dense energy attack.

Having these tools had changed my life and I want to share these vital tools with you so you can feel protected at all times to LOVE and give without holding back or becoming drained.
Please call me to book .
I would love to help in your development.
Residential weekend  from 9,30am Sat to 5pm Sunday
Workshop energy exchange €295 with all meals included and shared accommodation.
A non refundable Deposit of €100 secures your space.
Hope to see you there.
Please call me to learn more
Julianna Jay 083 1989228

Expand your consciousness to create lasting peace in your life.
Pre-booking is essential
If you are coming along can I ask you to please call me on 083 1989228
 Julianna Jay