Re-ignite your divine spark

Within each and every human being is a visionary.

A unique being whose talents have never been explored before.

Whose sacred life has not been exposed to the universe before.
Whose essence has not been unleashed on the world.

Whose unique views and observations are miracles in themselves.

Whose emotions are valid and whose opinions matter.
Shy not away from the stirrings of your soul.

Know that no-one has the right to cloud your vision.

You and you alone must stand accountable.

You must live your quest to drive your dreams to their reality.

Explore each and every aspect of your being as your a divine spark. Your birth right is greatness.

Your soul knows this wealth of bounty that lies within your essence.

Explore yourself.

Express yourself in thought word and deed.

Prepare for greatness of the heart and the divine essence of your being shall shine forth for all to see.

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The angels explain compassion

Compassion in a human is the ability to have passion for the emotions of another in a given moment in time.

This passion is felt in communion with another and oneness is realised.

There is understanding and awakening to a depth of heart felt knowing’

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Your message of self-awareness

Stop dear one
Look around you and take stock
See the space that you inhabit daily
Does it feel familiar?
Does it represent you?
Do you feel the need for new sources of joy to be brought into your existence?
Do you feel your life makes a difference to your loved ones and to the Universe we have planted you upon?
If you are unsure of the presence of abundance, of love and joy in your heart, then stop and listen!
Hasten your step to seek out the peace you deserve.
Create the magic of anticipation.
Believe in yourself once again
We know you are a miracle of human existence.
A light to shine bright in the warmth and glow of love.
A sparkle of excitement,
A tingling mass of anticipation here to love and laugh.
Here to light the way for yourself and those who you encounter in your life.
On this earth to shine bright like a diamond.
Let there be no regrets.
All is as it should be.
All is in divine order.
Your time has come.
Now that the time has come to shed a layer that no longer serves, the soul urges the real you to find the strength to drop the layer to the ground.
Walk forth to freedom.
Unleash the real you.
Source is supporting you.
We will shout halleluiah in a loud chorus from on high.
A glory to God for the re-emerging and dawning of a new you.
Brimming with peace, hope and excitement for the  life you deserve to live.
We hold you in the palm of our hands.
Channelled With Love thru Julianna Jay 

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The Word and the what we need to learn from life

Genesis says in the beginning was the word and the Word was God.

I know sometimes I am privileged to receive your words and be able to convey them when and where they are required.

Your words reign down on me and allow me space to explore my world from a loving plane.

A plane that comes with no judgements no timelines and no urgent decisions.

The only urgent decision you need in this life is to “learn to love yourself

more and more each day. “

We complicate life believing that if we don’t

have it all figured out and have analyses the steps it will need to make

the perfect outcome it will be a failure.

There lies the first lesson of failure. It is not the steps but the clarity of intention

that needs your focus and attention.

When the intention reigns supreme the steps will follow as the desire is there to achieve and the need has

been released to the cosmos as a request. If you let your tools down the world becomes a better


The world is not about setting up rules and plans and establishing barriers

of protection around yourself.

The world is about loving you and your neighbour

and truly being in awe of your gifts and talents and seeking out the gifts and talents

in everyone you meet.

God does not provided resources in the same structure for all.

God provides all resources to mankind but in order to get us to truly connect

and interact with one another he provides different strengths and weaknesses

so that we lean on each other a little each day.

Explore both you strengths and weaknesses –they are there for a reason.

Your life should reflect at its final curtain call as whole a being as is humanly possible

but with the gratitude of learning from others along the way.

Oh my word.

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Archangel Metatron speaks about Freewill

Freewill does it exist.

Your soul is a divine resource of your ancient wisdom from source. Your soul has the power to propel your life in oh so many ways. It knows what is right and fitting for you . It knows its purpose and what knowledge and experiences it has come here to observe and to encounter. Your soul has an agenda. It has a knowing of what is in alignment for you and what is not. It has a a wish for you to life in harmony with your divine blueprint. It is not interested in collecting karma it is interested in evolution. It will not prevent or stop you from making choices that at a particular moment at a particular juncture in your life feels right for you. Therefore it allows free expression of thought word and deed.

It is when one is most in captivity that one reaches down into the core of their mind, body and soul and pulls freewill out and really airs it and views it with expanded consciousness. It is often when “our backs are to the wall” so to speak that one decides what its personal compass feels it should do. This is when real conscience comes to the fore. Conscience can be described as ” an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behaviour”:

God always provides options and freewill. He always provides options so we chose these each and every day. We can only evaluate their merit at the time we chose them. They are neither right or wrong. They merely are what they are. They will be reviewed at many future moments but know in that moment your freewill allows you to chose what is truly right and fitting and feels best for you and the purpose you are aiming to serve on this universe. So exercise your freewill and feel blessed to have been given this bounty of an earthling experience. Use it widely and let your little light shine.

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Gabriel on balance in your life.

Channelled through Julianna Jay by Archangel  Gabriel

Without balance there is confusion. There is constricted movement and flow as the human constantly feels ungrounded in their own existence.

Balance comes when, the human spirit is free to express itself but feels the genuine power of the divine force within, as a stabilising and centre force to everything that is achieved.

Balance is not struck until one has experienced imbalance. Balance is a very fine line for the human between being limited in expression and be limitless in existence.

Balance of oneself must be mastered and will take a lifetime on earth.

Man must indeed stand in his own space created for him on this universe to serve and be served.

Man must observe as the wind blows by him but not though him.

Man must taste of the fruits of the bounty prepared for him without becoming a glutton for only one flavour.

Man must consume with balance all that life has to offer without becoming over eager in one aspect of his humanity and oblivious of other aspects.

Man shines most wholly when he embraces as many facets of his existence as he can embrace on the spring board of life.

All life is produced and created by the great creator. He knows each and every strand of our DNA, strand of our hair and pleasure we seek in our existence as he was the master of ceremony in our creation.

We must be humbled by knowing that this great creator is within us and asks us to express freely with all we meet the infinite power of expression that he has given.

It is through free expression, that loving connections are brought to you your heart and from your soul as a gift to another.

We beseech you on earth to go about your daily existence in joyful hope of birthing of new and magnificent ways to stamp your identity on mother earth.

To have a disregard for the power of Mother Earth and the miracles of existence at your very core leaves you detached from the richness of life and energetic force available to you, to aid and abet you on your journey through existence.

All human life is an extension of the spiritual plane and must be a gentle balance between the miracle of human existence and the stellar force of divinity within us, poured forth from the highest heavens.

Strike your balance. Go within for your power surge & your sense of wisdom.

Leave your mark on this earth by living each and every day with Soul purpose and love.

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Angels advise on fear of bankruptcy & losing your home

Through my readings lately I have sat with many a frightened bewildered soul worried about bankruptcy. Its a re-occurring theme so this morning I ask for guidance on this matter from the dudes in heaven who channel though me. This is what they have to say!
To have tried your hand at gaining possessions in life is part of the minds need to stake a claim on this earth. It is perfectly normal in your evolution. It shows responsibility in the eyes of the human. Often that chain wraps itself firmly around you and become an accolade to measure your self worth. It is a marker to the world of achievement,stability and responsibility. The world applauds this status and enjoys with you the fruits of your labour. People will similar opinions of its value club together in similar communities sharing a commonality regarding the status of the dwelling and the life style it represents. When this dwelling no longer can be maintained the mind becomes lost and cries out in fear. If I can’t hold onto this prize what will become of me. If others see that I have been unsuccessful will they judge my self worth. Will they see the failure in me that I see in myself. Will the children wonder why I have been unable to maintain this possession forever and ever. Is this setting a bad example to them and showing them that I am indeed a fraud and a failure.Remember you have put this chain of self doubt and expectation upon yourself.
Let me tell you my friend what we see from where we sit. We see that you have placed on this earth naked without possession. You have come this far because the spirit of you has proven over and over again that you are loveable and loved. It was not your possessions that attracted your fellow man to you. It was the way you expressed yourself and showed the fun loving spirit of you. Your self worth is never under questions as we know you are already an expression of divinity. Already enough. Life is a bounty and you have got to search for your treasures. These will change at different times in your life and you will shed that which enslaves you. You will rid yourself of that which no longer represents you. You children do not need you to persecute the spirit of you in pursuit of a goal that no longer serves. You will always live somewhere. Your children will often go through loss and gain also in their earthly experience. Allow yourself to be the best teacher to your children about accepting the things that are lost and do not drag everyone with you to do doom and gloom as expectations are not met. If the neighbours have an opinion and feel sorry for your demise maybe it will be the first real connected thought they ever had about the true spirit of the real you and not just the status of you. Those who have chosen to love you will follow your heart to the ends of the earth and would find you and break bread with you wherever you are.
So stop mourning the loss of the possession. Embrace that the universe is showing you that this possession no longer serves you and that there is a new chapter emerging in your life. This chapter will reveal new events, new human connections and new opportunities for your spirit to grow. This new chapter represents who you need to be for your spiritual growth. It is not a test to see if your strong enough. It is bringing you to pastures new where you will shine and enjoy more freedom and better connections. My child get out and live free from the judgement and prying eyes of others. Those who judge you haven’t yet taken the time to love the true spirit of you. Remember I have packed for you, everything you need in the soul essence of you, to sustain you for your journey here on earth. I will never let you perish. Release that chain that binds, accept what is. Get ready for the next chapter in the story of your beautiful life.

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