Get to know me


Hi I’m Juianna and I am a stertegic interventioist, life coach and mindfulness coach .These life coaching sessions will  help to you to:
• Uncover whats holding you back and take baby supported steps to move forward.
• Gain new perspectives appreciating and valuing your life, at peace with your true nature
• Unleash your true potential

Transition from existing to thriving and living life  and achieving your highest potential .

Each session unique and can help you to get clarity on issues and limiting beliefs. These sessions are very powerful in creating lasting transformational change if applied to your life.

I am honoured to see what these empowering ah ha moments of truth mean and to bear witness to  the changes these sessions  bring to peoples  lives.

Signposts from the Soul sessions offers a rare opportunity to be mindfully still and to  listen to our soul, “the seat of our true power”.

It would be an honour to be your life coach as you grow in all areas of your life.

Love and Light

Julianna Jay

00353 831989228

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