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So happy to make this Soul Connection with you. I am a Spirit Scribe.

I bring Channelled messages of hope through the Archangels and guides of Atlantis  to many seeking souls around the world through my channelled writing. By tuning into the Archangels of Atlantis I transcribe what I receive intuitively from the spiritual and energetic wisdom of your Soul. I unlock sacred laws and ancient wisdom to help to live a spiritual life.

This work is sacred as it transcend your human existence and reaches into the ancient wisdom of your Soul to guide your existing life in a positive and empowering way. It reveals the truths about your human existence and your life’s journey.

These Soul truths have been described as thought provoking, accurate, transforming and fascinating. These signposts act as a guide to shed the burden and to move forward in alignment with your true self.

Signposts from the Soul reading offers a rare spiritual opportunity to listen to our Soul, “the seat of our true power”. Your Soul contains much information regarding the unique spirit and personality within you, that is your true self. I am committed to channelling for you the information you need, to give direction on the next step on your path and to  “unleash the true you”. Often the pain we feel in relationships stems from the fact that our values are not in alignment with those of another. I will help you to discover those values and the root of the problem and give confidential clear guidance to help you to find resolutions.

These messages will  help to you to:
• Uncover your life’s purpose
• Gain new perspectives appreciating and valuing your life, at peace with your true nature
• Unleash your true potential

Transition from existing to thriving and living life  and achieving your highest potential .

Each reading is unique and can help you to get clarity on issues and limiting beliefs. Messages are channelled in a written format to me and conveyed to you. Messages are always full of love and hope and empowerment. They are very powerful in creating lasting transformational change if applied to your life.

I am honoured to see what these messages of truth mean to all o scribe for and the changes these words bring to peoples  lives.

Signposts from the Soul reading offers a rare opportunity to listen to our soul, “the seat of our true power”.

My writings allow you take the time to listen to our soul you can discover who we really are and Unlock the authentic power within.

It would be an honour to do a reading for you to share with you what your soul wants you to know.

Love and Light

Julianna Jay

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