Coping with overwhelm and anxiety

Rest your weary head.

When you feel down look up.

See the clouds formations and see them twist and turn, changing continually.

For the anxious feeling in your tummy is a learnt habit when facing the unknown.

All the feelings of unworthiness and competitive disbelief in you come from a pure unworthiness when you compare yourself to another.

Can you settle and know that you are not destined to be someone else?

You are not required to be a more pristine version of yourself.

The words that roll off you tongue, the greetings that you give are all how you were destined to turn up.

Unique and alluring to those who take the time to know your beating heart.

There is no one more precious than you.

No rose bud more pristinely designed.

No petal more equipped to unfurl at just the right moment.

I have made you and you have had the courage to explore you.

To feel and know you.

To caress your heart when it aches.

May we caution you to not over extend yourself to others who will struggle to remember your name.

Rather savour the intimate conversations we bring.

It does not matter where the others go.

You go your own way.

Be silent within yourself.

Breathe in the breath of love.

Uncover the bounty that lies nestled within.

When the tummy crunches and the head feel heavy inhale in more air.

Create space for you.

Trust in you.

Trust in the magnitude of you.

Trust in the timing of your great inauguration onto the world stage for not a moment too soon or too late shall each petal unfurl.

For the order of nature resides in you and you are being revealed in your own essence and glory one word, one leap, one gesture at a time.

So, step into the mysticism and let you be proud of you.

Then you will know the shadow. The shadow that knows that she can only distrust the process when she over extends.

When the ego plays foolish tricks of false pride for you are beautiful.

Radiant and you are you

The almighty hand of the creator.


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