Open the heart a new


The turning of the prism.  The spark of light as she flies. All know the spontaneity. Know the moment of exquisiteness that is being displayed onto the world.

These are but flashes to the amazing ecstasy that lies beyond the veil. There is a multicolour of vibrancy that allows the heart to skip and beat and dance with glee for the magnitude of eternity.

There is a place with where heaven blessed. As she dressed you in your human finery and asks you to explore the love and breathe the feeling of air. To roam free in harmony with what nature has brought to you.

To open your heart to the feel touch and smell of it all.

To hear the ancient call.

The call that leads you to sway into the surrender of the deepest heart space.

Into feeling the joy of the moments of interconnectivity.

From the wayward breath that falls out of the open mouth when moments of life’s enchantment catch you by surprise and causes a rare swirl inside as gasp aloud.  To moments of sheer pride felt in the eyes of a father watching the lineage of the brood continue before his very eyes.

All are captured by the heart and felt by the soul.

These are the moments of magic that make the voyage worthwhile.

They are the moments that you get a glimpse of eternity. When you feel an inner content that you strode your footprint on this earth to hear to feel and to sense and to see the splendour of it all.

The moment when you open the heart vault and allow the goodness and greatness to find its way in. When you exalt in the beauty of you that is also in me.

Let there be love.

Let there be a ripe harvest of rich golden hue felt from within that radiates effortlessly from within, for that is where the heart has no choice but to command the mouth to bend in full view and to reveal the special aspects of me and you.

Hold steadfast to a blind faith that all is well and all shall be. For as you get to know you, you get to know me.

In love and light, we sprinkle you with an array of coloured hues allowing the sky to lights up the colours of you.

Held in the gentle unfolding arms of those who guard and guide you.

Just for today smile and open your heat a new.

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