How to feel connected to your soul?


The soul is an all-encompassing version of self, borne out of the four states of body form.

It is an ever evolving, translucent, look at the human’s interaction with its environment and the air it breathes.

It is lodged in a place of higher power and is linked to galaxies and to the underlying truth that the mighty has done great things for me and always will.

It is the part of us that allows the capacity of the human entity to float free from any restrictions on this earth.

It is the part of us that does not conform to that which is not the truth as we perceive i.e. soul will use its consciousness to evolve continuously.

It does not have a yard stick that it expects us to perform to.

It weaves many varied paths to give us each and every experience that the soul needs to reach an understanding of its multifaceted self.

It knows when it is happy.

It revels in playing in the garden of its own truth.

It knows when the vibration it is receiving from the universe matches the energy that it emits in response to the stimuli it has been exposed to.

It will hold honor and order in the court of your life to move you to the best experiential experience possible for you in your human form as a high vibrational being.

It will strive to align you the soul to be a reflection of your creator in your highest glory.

It is your best barometer of idealism for you and when aligned the human connection to the soul will be felt through oneness with all beings and entities which mingle with you.

When aligned to the soul you will express great moments of connection as euphoria & Joy in your heart.

Your soul invites you daily to connect in it’s quest to bring bounty to your life.

Your life is perfectly aligned to accept the lessons carved out for you.

You are the source of all good in your world.

You are propelled by your I AM presence, to look within and analyses the great good that lies within you.

You are not our servant to the divine. Rather the divine works with you and for you each and every day.

You are our child of God growing and evolving through the experiences given to you daily.

Be aware that your hand is held daily.

We serve you each and every-day.

If you surrender to the divine, you will realize that your higher and greater good is of utmost importance to us.

There is a band of angels who nurse you each day and show you the way.

To find your soul in your daily life you need only be present.

The quieter and more still you are the easier it is for source to reach you.

We the wise ones understand the busy pace of life.

Be assured that we do not work on shift work.

We do not clock on and clock off from you.

We are with you all the days of your life as we are not limited by time and space.

We only hold your highest good and a life of grace as our prayer for you.

Our guiding presence is more easily felt, seen, heard and thought about when creativity is at play in your life.

The soul loves musical vibration so own your own beat.

The soul loves to dance so take me dancing.

The soul loves rhythm and rhyme so find the tempo of your own vibration.

Raise it, lift it, vary it and enjoy each note as it presents itself.

The soul thrives in reaching into the unexplored and unknown so bring in adventure.

Feel the presence of source in your soul when you walk in nature drinking in the bounty of feasts for the senses that are prepared for you in the outdoors.

The soul connects with you through animals, plants and flowers.

Do not leave this earth with your song within. Share your song and let others enjoy the vibration of the signature notes enshrined in your soul.

Enjoy seeing the magic of a candle burning as it reminds you of the pure light in the world that you are.

Source is everywhere you are. Let your heart know this,

Your soul accompanies you everywhere you go so go within and enjoy your swagger.

Just be aware of the unconditional love the divine has for you.

Trust in your heart and soul and in your miraculous presence and energy on this earth.

Living life in this present moment, accepting the perfection of what you are experiencing allows abundance into your heart and soul, right here right now.

Leave your light on for love and abundance to touch your heart and connect with your soul.

Choose ease. Choose grace. Choose to let the bigger picture fit right into place.

That gentle sigh of contentment you feel releasing from your heart space will let you know you have touch a space of love and contentment within.

It so somewhere only we know.



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2 responses to “How to feel connected to your soul?

  1. Debra

    That was lovely. You are a true poet, and I like that you are an old soul as I am . I look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for sharing with us.


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