What is oneness?

Oneness opens the door to unity .

Oneness is a state of being.

It comes from a deep sense of being cradled, held and self-contained within a mighty force of pure love.

Know that all are unified in this world of cosmic light.

All are bathed in a fabric of love, and shielded from the great storms of emotions by a common thread.

The need for love and connection.

The quest to find union and the need for meaning and acceptance is Universal.

All must learn their purpose to truly shine bright like a diamond and play the part in the orchestra of life.

It is how the world goes around.

The alignment of the cosmos and all that she holds within is the energetic force, cannot be clearly identified with the seeing eye but can be appreciated with mindful observation of the wonder and awe of you and your surroundings.

When a human marvels at the dandelion blowing in the breeze or the unfurling of the rose bud there is a knowing of oneness.

When the first human cry to mark the coming of new life is heard or when the moon changes colour are all reminders of a greater force.

When a human speaks its truth and the power moves another to tears then unity of emotion is felt.

When one can gaze at the stars and shout to others to see the twinkle in the tiny ray of hope in the sky there is oneness.

When one travels to the ends of the earth and finds, and is drawn to a feeling of home, there is oneness.

When one wipes a tear from the eye of another and feels a stirring of compassion there is oneness.

When man marvels at the ability of a dog to remember the pattern of behaviour of its master and patiently waits for the return of the owner, there is oneness.

Every time there is a sign that marvels at the wonders of the world there is oneness.

When the heart acknowledges “how great thou art” there is a unity and a oneness.

When one really feels uniqueness of purpose there is an understanding of human life, visible and invisible.

There is a connection to all there is.

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