Advice from on high on Standing in your own power


Humanity begs of us to conform. To blend in it be as one.

Often to be accepted and feel connected we feel that love comes from the approval of another.

Babies know how to be themselves.

They know their own spirit.

They are free until society shows them that there is a code of conduct to all that to be loved.

They’re shown that all actions have consequences. This is the parent attempt to show them right from wrong. To teach them boundaries within human interactions.

There comes a day in the form of a challenge for a human where they need to begin to live their lives from a state of self-acceptance.

This is often seen unfolding by the conscious soul seeker.

After years of seeking approval they realise that they are a perfect diamond within and that they must go back to the childlike state and know that to be fully happy you must now seek acceptance from another in the name of love.

This my friend is when you hand over your power. When you seek from the external encounters the measure of you. When you twist, and bend to conform. When you tarnish your truth in the need for approval. Then you give away your power and your spirit becomes bruised.

So, reflect if you will.

Whose approval really matters?

Surely it must be yours.

How long to you stay enchained to a society that wills you to clones yourself to find love and acceptance.

Let tomorrow be the day you say what you mean and mean what you say.

Let it be the day that you take back your power knowing that you re divine being of creation.

A perfect masterpiece and no-one or thing can fill the hole inside your heart until you recognise that your thoughts feeling and emotions have merit.

Go live your truth and find self-love.

It is the only approval that truly matters.

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