Re-ignite your divine spark

Within each and every human being is a visionary.

A unique being whose talents have never been explored before.

Whose sacred life has not been exposed to the universe before.
Whose essence has not been unleashed on the world.

Whose unique views and observations are miracles in themselves.

Whose emotions are valid and whose opinions matter.
Shy not away from the stirrings of your soul.

Know that no-one has the right to cloud your vision.

You and you alone must stand accountable.

You must live your quest to drive your dreams to their reality.

Explore each and every aspect of your being as your a divine spark. Your birth right is greatness.

Your soul knows this wealth of bounty that lies within your essence.

Explore yourself.

Express yourself in thought word and deed.

Prepare for greatness of the heart and the divine essence of your being shall shine forth for all to see.

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