Your message of self-awareness

Stop dear one
Look around you and take stock
See the space that you inhabit daily
Does it feel familiar?
Does it represent you?
Do you feel the need for new sources of joy to be brought into your existence?
Do you feel your life makes a difference to your loved ones and to the Universe we have planted you upon?
If you are unsure of the presence of abundance, of love and joy in your heart, then stop and listen!
Hasten your step to seek out the peace you deserve.
Create the magic of anticipation.
Believe in yourself once again
We know you are a miracle of human existence.
A light to shine bright in the warmth and glow of love.
A sparkle of excitement,
A tingling mass of anticipation here to love and laugh.
Here to light the way for yourself and those who you encounter in your life.
On this earth to shine bright like a diamond.
Let there be no regrets.
All is as it should be.
All is in divine order.
Your time has come.
Now that the time has come to shed a layer that no longer serves, the soul urges the real you to find the strength to drop the layer to the ground.
Walk forth to freedom.
Unleash the real you.
Source is supporting you.
We will shout halleluiah in a loud chorus from on high.
A glory to God for the re-emerging and dawning of a new you.
Brimming with peace, hope and excitement for the  life you deserve to live.
We hold you in the palm of our hands.
Channelled With Love thru Julianna Jay 

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