The Word and the what we need to learn from life

Genesis says in the beginning was the word and the Word was God.

I know sometimes I am privileged to receive your words and be able to convey them when and where they are required.

Your words reign down on me and allow me space to explore my world from a loving plane.

A plane that comes with no judgements no timelines and no urgent decisions.

The only urgent decision you need in this life is to “learn to love yourself

more and more each day. “

We complicate life believing that if we don’t

have it all figured out and have analyses the steps it will need to make

the perfect outcome it will be a failure.

There lies the first lesson of failure. It is not the steps but the clarity of intention

that needs your focus and attention.

When the intention reigns supreme the steps will follow as the desire is there to achieve and the need has

been released to the cosmos as a request. If you let your tools down the world becomes a better


The world is not about setting up rules and plans and establishing barriers

of protection around yourself.

The world is about loving you and your neighbour

and truly being in awe of your gifts and talents and seeking out the gifts and talents

in everyone you meet.

God does not provided resources in the same structure for all.

God provides all resources to mankind but in order to get us to truly connect

and interact with one another he provides different strengths and weaknesses

so that we lean on each other a little each day.

Explore both you strengths and weaknesses –they are there for a reason.

Your life should reflect at its final curtain call as whole a being as is humanly possible

but with the gratitude of learning from others along the way.

Oh my word.

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