Archangel Metatron speaks about Freewill

Freewill does it exist.

Your soul is a divine resource of your ancient wisdom from source. Your soul has the power to propel your life in oh so many ways. It knows what is right and fitting for you . It knows its purpose and what knowledge and experiences it has come here to observe and to encounter. Your soul has an agenda. It has a knowing of what is in alignment for you and what is not. It has a a wish for you to life in harmony with your divine blueprint. It is not interested in collecting karma it is interested in evolution. It will not prevent or stop you from making choices that at a particular moment at a particular juncture in your life feels right for you. Therefore it allows free expression of thought word and deed.

It is when one is most in captivity that one reaches down into the core of their mind, body and soul and pulls freewill out and really airs it and views it with expanded consciousness. It is often when “our backs are to the wall” so to speak that one decides what its personal compass feels it should do. This is when real conscience comes to the fore. Conscience can be described as ” an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behaviour”:

God always provides options and freewill. He always provides options so we chose these each and every day. We can only evaluate their merit at the time we chose them. They are neither right or wrong. They merely are what they are. They will be reviewed at many future moments but know in that moment your freewill allows you to chose what is truly right and fitting and feels best for you and the purpose you are aiming to serve on this universe. So exercise your freewill and feel blessed to have been given this bounty of an earthling experience. Use it widely and let your little light shine.

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