Gabriel on balance in your life.

Channelled through Julianna Jay by Archangel  Gabriel

Without balance there is confusion. There is constricted movement and flow as the human constantly feels ungrounded in their own existence.

Balance comes when, the human spirit is free to express itself but feels the genuine power of the divine force within, as a stabilising and centre force to everything that is achieved.

Balance is not struck until one has experienced imbalance. Balance is a very fine line for the human between being limited in expression and be limitless in existence.

Balance of oneself must be mastered and will take a lifetime on earth.

Man must indeed stand in his own space created for him on this universe to serve and be served.

Man must observe as the wind blows by him but not though him.

Man must taste of the fruits of the bounty prepared for him without becoming a glutton for only one flavour.

Man must consume with balance all that life has to offer without becoming over eager in one aspect of his humanity and oblivious of other aspects.

Man shines most wholly when he embraces as many facets of his existence as he can embrace on the spring board of life.

All life is produced and created by the great creator. He knows each and every strand of our DNA, strand of our hair and pleasure we seek in our existence as he was the master of ceremony in our creation.

We must be humbled by knowing that this great creator is within us and asks us to express freely with all we meet the infinite power of expression that he has given.

It is through free expression, that loving connections are brought to you your heart and from your soul as a gift to another.

We beseech you on earth to go about your daily existence in joyful hope of birthing of new and magnificent ways to stamp your identity on mother earth.

To have a disregard for the power of Mother Earth and the miracles of existence at your very core leaves you detached from the richness of life and energetic force available to you, to aid and abet you on your journey through existence.

All human life is an extension of the spiritual plane and must be a gentle balance between the miracle of human existence and the stellar force of divinity within us, poured forth from the highest heavens.

Strike your balance. Go within for your power surge & your sense of wisdom.

Leave your mark on this earth by living each and every day with Soul purpose and love.

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