Angels advise on fear of bankruptcy & losing your home

Through my readings lately I have sat with many a frightened bewildered soul worried about bankruptcy. Its a re-occurring theme so this morning I ask for guidance on this matter from the dudes in heaven who channel though me. This is what they have to say!
To have tried your hand at gaining possessions in life is part of the minds need to stake a claim on this earth. It is perfectly normal in your evolution. It shows responsibility in the eyes of the human. Often that chain wraps itself firmly around you and become an accolade to measure your self worth. It is a marker to the world of achievement,stability and responsibility. The world applauds this status and enjoys with you the fruits of your labour. People will similar opinions of its value club together in similar communities sharing a commonality regarding the status of the dwelling and the life style it represents. When this dwelling no longer can be maintained the mind becomes lost and cries out in fear. If I can’t hold onto this prize what will become of me. If others see that I have been unsuccessful will they judge my self worth. Will they see the failure in me that I see in myself. Will the children wonder why I have been unable to maintain this possession forever and ever. Is this setting a bad example to them and showing them that I am indeed a fraud and a failure.Remember you have put this chain of self doubt and expectation upon yourself.
Let me tell you my friend what we see from where we sit. We see that you have placed on this earth naked without possession. You have come this far because the spirit of you has proven over and over again that you are loveable and loved. It was not your possessions that attracted your fellow man to you. It was the way you expressed yourself and showed the fun loving spirit of you. Your self worth is never under questions as we know you are already an expression of divinity. Already enough. Life is a bounty and you have got to search for your treasures. These will change at different times in your life and you will shed that which enslaves you. You will rid yourself of that which no longer represents you. You children do not need you to persecute the spirit of you in pursuit of a goal that no longer serves. You will always live somewhere. Your children will often go through loss and gain also in their earthly experience. Allow yourself to be the best teacher to your children about accepting the things that are lost and do not drag everyone with you to do doom and gloom as expectations are not met. If the neighbours have an opinion and feel sorry for your demise maybe it will be the first real connected thought they ever had about the true spirit of the real you and not just the status of you. Those who have chosen to love you will follow your heart to the ends of the earth and would find you and break bread with you wherever you are.
So stop mourning the loss of the possession. Embrace that the universe is showing you that this possession no longer serves you and that there is a new chapter emerging in your life. This chapter will reveal new events, new human connections and new opportunities for your spirit to grow. This new chapter represents who you need to be for your spiritual growth. It is not a test to see if your strong enough. It is bringing you to pastures new where you will shine and enjoy more freedom and better connections. My child get out and live free from the judgement and prying eyes of others. Those who judge you haven’t yet taken the time to love the true spirit of you. Remember I have packed for you, everything you need in the soul essence of you, to sustain you for your journey here on earth. I will never let you perish. Release that chain that binds, accept what is. Get ready for the next chapter in the story of your beautiful life.

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  1. Joseph Monaghan

    This is beautiful and is valuable to us all.


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