The simple call of the Dolphin

Channelled through Archangel Jophiel.

As we sit and marvel at the simple gliding stokes of the dolphin, we see a grace a peace and an elegance that brings us peace and joy. The Dolphin simply concentrates on being a Dolphin. Eating the fruits of the sea, swimming in harmony with its surrounding, jumping to the beat of its own frequency, healing the world by its mere presence. Living breathing and being its authentic self.

So should it be for you on this earth plane. You like the dolphin have been perfectly placed on this earth to survive and to work in harmony with yourself and nature. You have been given a whole earth to sustain you and feed with joy. You have been given the healing gift of your presence to give to your fellow man.

Learn to swim with the tide. Learn to feed from mother earth. Do not disturb the nature that surrounds. Rather work in harmony and respect of what gifts it has to sustain us. Laugh and giggle each day. Allow those who connect easily with you to play with you and do not spend endless hours seeking out the attention of those who do not see the beauty in you.

Go back and appreciate the simple things in life which are for free and embrace them and allow them to bring you freedom and joy.

As you stretch and grow as your authentic self, like the Dolphin, you will be in full view of the world without constraint. More and more people will want to swim with you. You will enjoy their company while they swim with you. Then like the dolphin allow them to float free when they chose to swim onwards without you. You will swim forth pursuing who you are, and they will do the same- allow them the curtesy of freedom.

The Dolphin is enchained by another man’s rules and another man’s dreams. It keeps its own and lives it and that is why we exonerated this sacred being in its grace and elegance. Live in harmony with yourself today.

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