Darkness to Light

Darkened places, hollow spaces is often where the magic occurs. The light needs to find the merriment of the dark and this will always happen. The light will then infiltrate the dark and bring a balance to the events and take some of the mystery and intrigue of the dark away.

In the shadows the fun can be sought out. The night provides an invisibility for men to shield his lofty thoughts and his mysterious encounters. It is a place where the shadow can play itself out. It is a place where the human does not feel in the spotlight and under full view of the judging eye.

We must celebrate the dark and welcome the light. The changing from dark to light represents new hope and a chance to wipe the slate clean and create a new horizon that spans out as far as we can see.

Play in the shadows of the night and give way to the new dawn in your light. Both are given for a reason so mourn not the loss of one or another. All happen in Divine timing and divine order so let it be.

It is only when we have embraced the darkness of the night that we can fully embrace the light of the morning.

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