Ariel tells us not to give up on our Life Purpose

Ariel tells a little story to us not to give up on our life purpose

The Fairy-tale of the Elves and the Shoemaker was one of my favourite bedtime stories. It brings many key moral lessons. It tells of how the poor shoemaker and his wife worked day in and day out to make the shoes for the people in their town. They works as a couple together helping others to walk comfortable in their own shoes. They took pride in their work and prayed that they would be able to continue doing this great work, sharing their talents even though their money was running out. At night they would leave all of their leather prepared to be worked with in the morning. They did not have the time or the provisions needed to finish the shoes. What they did have was the belief that the work that they had started would somehow get the chance to be completed. They believed a higher source would provide them with what they needed to finish the shoes. Their prayers and manifestations were answered. The hardworking Elves would come in at night and work happily and tirelessly to sow the shoes together. When they awoke the shoes would be neatly in a row, just as they had asked for. This allowed them to continue their great work. The miracle of their belief in a higher good sustained them and provided for them. When we are using our gifts and talents to allow others to walk another mile in their shoes to fulfil their purpose our energy is refuelled each day and we are given the resources to keep going. Some way or another our Good Fairy and Angels provide us with what we need. Just like the Shoemaker Believe that all we be provide for and you will be sustained and brought forward to live your Life Purpose.

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