Learning Life’s Lessons through The Magnificence of the Sea

Of all the lessons learnt on earth, none are greater than the lessons demonstrated by watching the sea.

The sea is made of salt and water than work in perfect synchronicity to cleans, erode, neutralise and transform and transmute.

The sea brings all to its shore from plant to animal to human life.

It is sought after by all.

It’s calming soothing and healing effects are felt by all.

Its magnificence is the lever for all. Each man knows the precarious nature of the sea. Man knows that it can lure you in and then pull you into its very current.

It will allow you bathe but haul you into its swell with no warning.

It will bring the fish of the sea to you to feed you and feed on you.

It will allow abundance of the trawler to feed the masses yet offer no guarantees of a hawl.

It will swell in magnitude to inconceivable height and allow man to see a gentle ripple in its wake.

It will fool the human mind into complacency and awaken it to traitorous moments in an instant.

It will mingle and dance with every aspects nature.

It will provide a back drop for many a great theatrical performance. This performance could be the flash of the lightening, the swell of the wave, the calm of the sunset or the rock pool of the seaside.

All offer displays of Oneness for the human to consume.

All a perfect demonstration of duality.

Learn from the sea.

Entertain on its bounty.

Allow it to bring you healing, light and mystery in the ever changing web and flow of its beauty.


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2 responses to “Learning Life’s Lessons through The Magnificence of the Sea

  1. Sheli

    I have always loved the sea but am also aware if its duality.
    Thanks for bringing every aspect to life for me x


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