The Emerald City of the Soul=the Wizard of OZ

All is real and all is surreal. We get equal measures of the reality and the non-reality. The physical and metaphysical.

This my friend is the polarity to which I speak.There lies diversity.There as part of the whole lies duality.

There lies dilemma.

Humans are here to taste the fruits of spirit, the fruits of the sea, the fruits of love and joy, sadness and grief. The human spirit has an inordinate capacity to re-charge itself and have another go on the whirly wheel of life. It can process all emotions at a greater or lower level dependent on the frequency and severity of the dilemma and conditioning. It will change form in many ways to wriggle from the chains of the predicament and it will also face up to the same predicament. This is because the soul has its own wisdom to fight forward and to gain wisdom in the best solution so it can evolve. The biggest calamity that has been brought to bear on this generation is an obsession about the power of the mind and the endurance of the body with no regard for the essence and infinite wisdom of the soul.

The soul has at its very fingertips all clues, all answers and all wisdom. It is similar to “The Wizard of Oz”. It has all the answers and all you have to do is become aware that there is no place like home, there is no place for answers bar the soul. The journey to the Emerald city brought with it great confusion when the division between all earthly possessions and comfortable environments were removed. Then the connections were made so that partners could join the journey to the Wizard. During this journey all had to work together to bring about the virtues they felt were s greatly needed for the journey. Compassion, courage, loyalty and patience are four virtues in “The Wizard of Oz.” Each needed the deep connection to bring out the virtue in each other in their own way. It was the collaboration and pooling of values and virtues and the over-coming of fears which brought about enlightenment and showed that there was in fact no place like home. We search daily as humans for the Emerald City. One which is there far in the Distance and has Crystals full of Wisdom and knowledge. On the way through life when all seems lost we will be penetrated by the “Wicked Witch of the West” who plays on our fears. We will meet our “Good Fairy” or our “Guardian Angel”. We will learn to have faith in them. Somehow so way in the middle of the loss of identity we will find ourselves and find our Home, in our Soul. We realise all the Wisdom and knowledge we have is within ourselves already and all we need to do is awaken to it.

So each day embark on the Journey through the Yellow brick road (solar plexus) of our human emotions to find the Emerald City of our dreams. Know that we are aided and helped by all we meet to discover different facet of our values and our true identity.

Awaken to the fact that “There is no place like Home”

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