Open your mind

The mind is a most incredible tool. The reality is that the mind is powered by the gift of the Spirit in you. Its possibilities are endless and very much untapped. The mind is constantly yelling out to us to be at peace, so it can get the chance to re-boot itself and upgrade its possibilities within us. It relishes new information as it tires easily of the same data being presented for analysis. This leads to discontentment.
When we explore new concept and analysis whether they feed our soul or not, we feel more alive and at one with ourselves. In essence that is one of the functions of the mind. To feed us with new information. It provide us with new vision to guide us to what our soul wants and needs.
When these concepts and data appear in our consciousness, our mind seeks to distinguish its truth, by seeking out proof in our daily life of the validity of the concept for you. The mind goes into a quest to analyse this data and the coincidences appear.
What if every morning a Guru came to you and took you by the hand and showed you another concept, another piece of information. What is the guru gave you the basic principle of this concept to enlighten you.
In the age of instant data we have the ability to find our own guru, to come into our lives each day and research a new concept. If one were to analyse those who are blessed onto old age, they will find that many of them have great thoughts on many different topics. They have opened their mind to many ideas, thoughts and concepts. We say they are interesting. Let everyone you meet be your guru. Show a keen interest in tapping into the world they explore and you will find each person so much more insightful.
Do not settle for that which you already know any longer. Life isn’t meant to be dull and boring. It is meant to be fun an exciting and varied. That is what an earthling experience is all about. Savoring the fruits of the earth and drinking in the nectar this earth brings to the body, mind and soul. Namaste Julianna

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