Raziel answers the question.”Where are you gone to”?

When the soul leaves the body it remains with its imprints and memories and heart experiences for ever.

The slate is wiped clean and the sorting of encounters and experiences comes to the souls core for processing.

The body serves as an encasement for the mind, and soul when in this life.

The body is there physically for other humans to observe and to connect with while we are on earth.

The truth, my dear one is that we are all vibrational energy and when we leave our physical bodies the energy we shared with others remains accessible. That is why we still feel the depth of the emotions and feel the presence of the person when we are no longer in our physical form.

As we leave our energy gets re-calibrated and raised to a higher vibration where we ascend and are able to view our life’s journey.

Just as we were always there, in spirit with our loved ones to wish them well and to be present we are always there in spirit to cheer you on. Think of us as just being in the next room. Connected for ever in your heart and mind and soul.

That which did not serve us as vibration on earth is wiped clean and the space is created for the soul to rise again and be available as a Great Spirit guide to those still on earth.

When you call on a departed loved one you tap into the higher vibration. You gain the wisdom they can impart from a distance.

These love ones can help to make magic happen.

Just as parents on earth can make magic happen for their children in the living years, we have an innate knowing of what is for your higher good and your prayers are gently answered for your higher good.

Pray to us for guidance and we will be with you always until the end of time.

There is a time for living and a time for dying.

We now see what you see.

We now feel what you feel.

The difference is there is no fear attached to outcomes, as we only value love, as that is the only barometer of a job well done on earth.

In life just do the best you can with what you have. Let fear be the enemy and love be in the driving seat.

Seize life as a vacation and play out all activities and experiences as what’s for you won’t pass you.

Let there be love and connection to your fellow man for in the end that is all that matters.

Oh and let your little light shine where it needs to.

Bless the dimming of the glow at times because it allows you to observe the bright light being brought back into your light and re-fuelling you and your spark.

All is on earth and on high as it should be.

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