Nature our Spiritual teacher

To be at one with nature is to be at one with self. Nature is by far our best teacher. It alerts us to the newness of the ever evolving wildlife around us. It massages out senses into a state of alertness. A state of presence. A state of awareness. Nature allows things to unfold as they should. Nature does not force the bud to open. It does not try to straighten branch of the tree but allows it to grow where the light is.  Nature ignites a spark of curiosity in everyone who chooses to watch its magnificence appear in front of its very eyes. It provides a feat  for the senses. It cements in the mind of the observer the fact that there is a natural order to life. It raises questions about they existence of the bigger force. The Universe. It carefully illustrates oneness as all of nature works together seamlessly in the process of fulfilling the purpose of each element of nature. Natures  very essence is dependent on the light, the changing of the seasons, and energetic force. Thank nature for what it gently shows us. The transformation it brings to our consciousness to be analysed, felt experienced and enjoyed just as it is.  Nature excuses itself for no man. It merely exists. It has only one purpose the evolution of itself and the giving of purpose to what it interacts with.  Observe and take your lessons from Nature. It will speak directly to your soul. Channelled by Charity

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