The Dudes talk about Focus

The Dudes talk about Focus
When trying to navigate without passion one can not focus. The soul needs to plant itself in a direction that drives it deeper into Self. If the soul does not feel it is guiding you HOME it will jump start you on a regular basis. It will lead you to moments of clarity when you know and feel that your soul calls out for more. It will knaw at you like a dog knawing on a bone seeking nourishment. Your soul is your true helper. It will uproot you and move you to fertilised soil. It will give you glimpses of times when the mind unwinds and the soul gets to  turn you in the direction of inner peace.

These moments will be noticed by you, remembered by you and set into your internal compass.

This is enhanced by an attitude of “Laissez faire” or “Let it Be”.

Allow wisdom to pour forth to you. Let your petition be clarity of the mind, body and soul so you can focus on what this Self really needs to achieve while you are living on this earth

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