Love your neighbour as yourself

This maxim is honoured by humans as a wise words to live a fulfilled life.  Following this maxim is believed to provide a gateway to the sublime. A pathway to the Divine.

Let us explore this statement in more detail.

The first important point to note is that you must learn to love yourself before you can attempt to love your neighbour. As the soul unravels itself during a human life time on earth it is faced with many opportunity to question “who you are” and “why you are here”?

As it evolves it will question its value, its identity, its worth and its ability to love itself.

These moments of questioning are unfolding through  your earthly experiences. In essence we send each human to earth with a unique coding that contains all the infinite possibilities. There is many combinations to this code to unlock its bounty. Codes can be broken open through many incidences in life. The coding is as unique as your finger print. What is also unique to each human is the experiences, thoughts and feelings that come to greet you as you pass through this life. Each experience will bring about a need to solve another part of the coding-each feeling and emotions decodes further the essence of our soul.

Many see these experiences in life as things to be feared and hide from new experiences lest they have to face the unknown. They hope that by conforming to routine they will minimise error and maximise control over their life and their destiny. Hiding from your thoughts and feelings does not make maximum use of this time on earth.

Experiences, new thougths and feelings will come to your door regardless. They come to encourage you to wrap another part of your outer garment and look within to find the wisdom that your soul badly needs you to unleash. This wisdom of your soul wants you to re-awaken to who you are and what you stand for in this lifetime. It wants you to stand tall and share the value of your truth with others.

Therefore no life is of course. No step is right or wrong. They are just experiences that come our way to allow us to look deep in our heart and soul and find the best solution to bring about love of yourself and your fellow man. Sometimes humans find it easier to show and give love to another than to love themselves. This brings complication as the soul is always yearning to be noticed, appreciated and loved so you can let your little light shine and awaken to the true magnificence of you.

Seek daily to explore the magnificence of the current moment. Savour the fleeting moment. Spend time in awe as you do not know the day the hour or the moment when your soul will leave this body and take flight to its next vibrational experience in the afterlife. So love the experiences life throws at you. Try them out for size. Do not judge them as right or wrong and learn to laugh at the new wisdom that comes from each new encounter and each new day.

Be alive in the moment and remain true to your souls calling to break the code of you and ensure that the world feels the dent that you leave on yourself and others as you learn to speak love and love your truth. Only whaen you love yourself fully can you attempt t love your neighbour as yourself.

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