What lies at the other side of the veil

Between heaven and earth lies a golden sky.

 It’s hue is inviting, warm ,comforting and glowing.
 It provides a thin, transparent veil to shroud the mysteries that lie ahead.
 It is not seen by mankind as that would distorter humans from being Present in our earthling existence.
 It can only be glimpsed at by a human when they experience real joy, love and acceptance by another.
 It is a place of great peace,contemplation and evolution.
 It brings no human to its bounty as a prisoner.
 It holds no soul captive.
The soul is happy to dwell there and ponder on its previous existence on earth.
 It is a place where the elevated perspective gives a big picture view of what a human experience is really entails.
 Fear not for those who have gone before you.
 Now they have seen and discovered this enchanted existence this is where they want themselves to be.
So release them to enjoy its bounty.
 Do not will then back to earth with your thoughts.
 Bless them for what you shared and what Moments of peace and love and laughter they brought to you.
 Their Soul will always be with you- till the end of time
 Love reigns on high forever

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