Expanded consiousness

Within the confines of consciousness lies a belief that as we are and what we know now serves as a barometer to what we need to experience in life.
In essence it points the compass only to where we have already gone.

What one must strive for is expanded consciousness.
This requires an openness to transformation. Transforming what you do not already know into reality in accordance with what your soul needs to experience.
As this awakening occurs one can become aware of this expansion in consciousness with a sharp loud bang on their emotional sphere.

It can arouse doubts and fears as it is unchartered territory.
The mind, body and soul have not visited these thoughts or emotions during this earth encounter
This can leave the body unwilling to experience what the spirit needs from us during our current existence on earth.
Fear not my earthly friends.

No awakening is brought to you in life without the provision to manifest its greatness into reality.
No seed is sown in the wrong terrain by us. It all has purpose.
Its purpose is never seen in its entirety as it’s time of conception. It is but a concept.
The spark of thought to light a great flame. Awakening your consciousness to a further layer of the unknown. It invites you to engage and investigate its pearls of wisdom.
 When you fear the unknown smile and know that this is merely an expansion of consciousness. The turning of the new page in the divine plan of your life.
Clutter is often removed to make way for new and breaking ideas and values,

Ones values are learnt today and lived by in the future. The past is lost and the future it still to be gained.
Do not cry for the confusion of your fellow man. You are not supposed to understand his awakening as it is his alone.
Comfort him through his unknowingness in a reassuring way and explain that all is in divine order and has a divine plan attached.
Know that to see the bigger picture is easier from a higher place.

It is easier when the heart rules the emotions.

Expanded consciousness can’t happen easily when the head, with its mind chatter steps in to create inner turmoil.
This inner turmoil derives from wanting to know the final outcome.

This turmoil occurs when we seek to control a set of emotions and values that one hasn’t yet navigated by our mind, body or soul.
We on high would never ask this of the human as it would surely be energy draining.

It would bring fear and the need to perform in a certain way to your very core.
This would disturb the spin of all chakras and create disharmony.
This is why we let things unfold piece by piece.

This is why all is not revealed in a single sitting. We wish to bring expand consciousness to all so that our words and vision can be made flesh.
Otherwise there would be no wise men and women. Only children endorsing the rules of their elders in the ballroom of life.

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