How to Connect with an angel

I asked my Dudes (my angel and Spirit Guides this question and here is the answer the gave to me.

Be near to us on this quest to bring bounty to your life. Your life is perfectly aligned to accept the lessons carved out for you. You are the source of all good in your world. You are propelled by us, to look within and analyse the great good that lies within you.

You are not our servant. We work with you and for you each and every day.

You are our child who we watch growing and evolving through the experiences given to you daily.

Be aware that your hand is held daily.

We serve you each and every-day.

If you surrender to us you will realise that your higher and greater good is of utmost importance to us.

There is a band of angles who nurse you each day and show you the way.

To find us and meet us in your daily life you need only be present.

The quieter and more still you are the easier it is for us to reach you. However we understand the busy pace of life so be assured that we do not work on shift work. We do not clock on and clock off from you. We are with you 24 / 7 as we are not limited by time and space.

We are more easily felt, seen, heard and thought about when creativity is at play in your life.

We love musical vibration.

We love to dance.

We love rhythm and rhyme.

You can fell our presence when you walk in nature drinking in the bounty of feasts for the senses that we provide for you in the outdoors.

We connect with you through animals, plants and flowers.

We enjoy seeing the magic of a candle burning as it reminds us of the pure light in the world that you are.

We are everywhere you are.

We go everywhere you go.

Just be aware of our unconditional love for you.

Trust us as we trust in your miraculous presence and energy on this earth.

Love from Julie your Guardian Angel

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