Having Friends that mean the world to you is so important. Friends should meet you in the world you are in, and allow you to be just as you are. They should not need you to conform, to stay stagnant or to never change your opinions you once held dear. They should want to see you grow and take an interest in your thought emotions and new ideas.
You should honour your friends in the same way. You see we are here to inspire others to explore themselves.
We are here to grow by watching others explore the experiences put into their path.
So ask yourself do your friends represent the world you truly want to live?
Are they relics of a past time in your life that you feel you should hang onto cause it worked back then?
Do your chats inspire you, challenge you and up-lift you on your journey or do they crush your self esteem and leave you drained? It doesn’t mean that friend has wronged you but you just don’t float in the same world anymore.
When you have the courage to say Goodbye a Hello awaits around the corner.
a new angel will enter your life.
Have the courage to move on and find a friend who floats in the new world you have grown into. Have Inspiring Uplifting Friendships


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