Our Higher self and the messages our Angels and Guides give to us

Blessed be the name of the one who is Holy. It represents so many different names to many different people. God, Oneness, Higher Self, The Universe, Buddha, The Creator, Energy. In essence it is the higher self. The place of great good. The place where there is true vision on the meaning of life. A viewing post for the soul who seeks hope that there is more to come.
It is a safe haven from which to recognise that there is a reason and seeks to discover “Who AM I” and “Why am I on earth?”
Those who chose to listen and dial up the connection to their higher self will see, feel and hear things revealed to them. We do not chose who these people are who get to hear our messages.
Some humans are more interested in figuring it out than others. More do not want to let experiences happen that can send fear of the unknown through them. All are equal in status in our eyes and the eyes of the Creator.
Do not fear whether our words can touch you. Our words are transmitted in oh so many ways. They are presented to you as you can accept them and in the format that is best for you to receive.
Be mindful of signs, smells, feeling the hairs stand on your head. Appreciate gut intuition and inner knowingness of any kind. We are always here for each and every one of you and we will do everything to make your path straight and light your way. We are your guardian angels and spirit guides bringing messages from your Higher Self to sustain you in your life.

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