Create the Life you want

As one grows into themselves as earthly inhabitants, they can easily get lost in manifesting other people’s dreams. There is a fixation with being happy and yet so few take time out to allow time for happiness.

In the highest heavens where we reside we are not burdened with rigidity of time and space. We can organise our presence with you in accordance with your need to assists and stand by you. We are here to do your will. We want everything you want to be manifest. We want you take time to reflect on Self. Discover what you really needs to be fully present and feel joy in your life. Tell us what you need ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to assist you in manifesting it.

Do not blame others needs for your lack of time. Others should not come before you. It is a lack of Love for yourself that allows you to constantly put others first.

In order to be fully present for your fellow man you need to be fully present to yourself first.

When you entered into this human experience you had so many expectations for yourself and the love and joy you had to give and receive in this world.

We now see many of you, toil all your life, looking to escape from the hell of lack of time that you chose to shackle yourself with daily.

If man does not reflect on what he really wants in life and what he needs to sustain his mind body, and soul he will shrivel up from lack of light be able to penetrate him.

Happiness will be a far off memory and bitterness can even ensue.

Be at peace with the knowledge that you have needs and that man can only allow others to drink from his Well if there is water in their own Well.

We need to go back to the basics and have a sense of wonder about God’s earth and it’s inhabitants.

We need to connect with our selves through quietening the mind so we can allow our angels to speak to us . The stillness will pave our way, for our thoughts to guide us to the better choices we can make.

When we have listened and recognised what we want in life, we must do everything in our power to realise our happiness.

We must connect with ourselves daily and recognise that our soul needs nourishment. As we start to awaken to our soul’s needs, we will awaken to the soul needs of our fellow man. This creates time for each mans needs to be recognised, and harmony through a deep connection will reign.

We will be truly living, loving and accepting of our needs and the needs of others.

In doing so we will create the life we want and allow others do the same. All will be made manifest.

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