Love is the food of life.

Those who eat of it long for more-those who yearn for it can never be satisfied.

It is the source of life-the life giver and brings true peace and enlightenment to the masses.

It heals us all with its gentle power to forgive. It nourishes to our very core.

Withdrawing is the most painful emotion man can decide to bring to himself as he is withdrawing part of his infinite self and knows that turning his back is not serving him.

It is done to prove a point-to gain one up-man ship-to serve as a counter attack to rejection.

Because the idea of love has been rebuked by another the person chooses to rebuke as a form of protection.

Anger and pain will abide within all of us but let us not persecute ourselves and others in an attempt to exalt ourselves.


Love is the way of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Its concept is not here to challenge but to uphold the essence of life springing forth from it.

It is without promise as it merely IS.

It knows and serves as it is love.

Love comes from the higher power and is available at all time in life from first to last breath.

It must be carefully considered or it will feature on the background only to be counted in the credits of your life.

It needs to be the trailer for your life. A banner of wisdom available for all to feast on who choose to nourish themselves.

Love knows no boundaries. It serves all men. It’s the remit from by gone lives, spent in the pursuit of the divine, self-control and acceptance.

Those who give freely of love spread their message further and have followings universally.

It is the theme of every life.

Seek it out.

Find your truth.

Make love available to the needy and you will nourish them for short or long periods.

When weakened time placate you-look within accept for what is happening and give freely of yourself.

This can happen easily if the ego is dropped as Love is our No 1 conditioning for our souls.




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