To infinity and beyond

Death to a human is a very final thing. It wraps a cloak of fear of the certainty it brings around all who it touches. It should not bring these feelings of fear as they serve no one. For one to embrace this feeling they are coming from ego by believe that it is their privilege to have the company of another if and when they so whose and for the duration they choose. Do the not believe in the journey of life. All are sent to this world with a message of love for their fellow man which they are asked to share abundantly. There is divine timing in how and when this love is distributed as love comes from within. It comes from Spirit. Some times when the torches goes out the light of awareness of all it represents is ignited. This brings an awareness of what Love is to ones fellow man. If a person were to live for ever as a human many of life’s lessons would remain untaught. Many of man’s great deeds would not unfold as from loss can come profound change. Loss Abandon Questioning of life and its Purposes as part of the journey part of the lesson and part of the healing.
It allows a certain order to be put in place- a filing system of what is truly needed and what is to be enjoyed in abundance. These are often the basics that come free in nature. Death can make one turn inwards asking one’s own key beliefs about the circle of life. Embrace its lessons as it is part of your loss to learn. If these lessons go unrecognised without unfolding the true meaning of what the deceased person was here to teach will not resonate in the hearts of those it loved dearly. A word of caution my friend. Do not hurry these lessons in an effort to by-pass the acuteness of the pain as that will not serve you. Know that the confusion you go through are a true part of you being filled whole and should or could act in time as an aid or comfort for you to share with those around you. Be grateful for the depth of your loss and seek out the lessons carefully less you missed one of them by being at your hurried pace. The love of the spirit of the person can live on in you forever so be mindful that you share their rarity with those you meet. Honour their memory as they had a story to tell on earth and lessons to bring to you. Step forth in their love and honour the space they filled in your life

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