The passing of a human being is a sacred event. The soul is coming back to its true spiritual home where its deeds in earthling life will be processed, filed and laid to rest.
As we all enter into this world as pure spiritual beings the process of judgement used in the afterlife is far less harsh than the judge and jury used by earthlings.
There is no fire and brimstone or burning hell. There is but a detachment from the realisation by the soul that all was not fulfilled in others eyes on this earth.
For many who speak about suicide as being the act of a weak man we say, sometimes when the soul becomes entangled in deep feelings of love, loss or abandonment the torch marks burn too deep and brings great turmoil in its path.
It awakens deep feelings of isolation and abandoning of connection to others who don’t feel as deeply. These are the feelings of someone with great love.
If a man of this depth of feeling were to share his story with his neighbour the neighbour would get a chance to be his friend. Instead they would prefer to leave this world than let the world see that they are “out of control”
But what is control my friend? Surely control for one man is the freedom or shackles of another. Therefore cast no judgement but lend a listening ear.
Know that all feeling are driven by LOVE or FEAR.
IS what you feeling coming from a place of LOVE or FEAR???
If it is fear of living that makes you want to depart this world then do a bit of carefree living first…you might just like it and choose to stay.
If it is coming from a place of love-share your story with anyone who will listen. To have that much love inside you should be celebrated and adorned not a cause for misery.
For those who have lost love through suicide know that your pain is deep and real as this pinning for a loved one rocks your very core.
Note that these feeling of connection to yourself during this time show the embodiment of the true expanse of what love your soul can feel.
Speak of their memory to many. Search for their uniqueness and let their spirit go free.
It was as good as any spirit entering this world as it was when it left.
Sometimes taking a hurried flight is just taking shelter for a while until the next flight is ready for take-off.
We are not here to judge the flight patterns of another.
We are here to learn from everyone we meet and to love everyone for all aspects of who they are.
Ask you loved one for the gift of acceptance for their swift departure and pray that the love in their soul will life for many life times to come.

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