Signposts from the Soul



Julianna Jay is a renowned speaker and teacher.
 She speaks from the heart opening the gathering to a well of truth and possibility and positivity within. She urges them to reach their best potential while she embraces their humanity.
Her words are inspiring and uplifting as she teaches the codes that deliver the life that one was born to live in their truest form.
Julianna as a writer invites the reader to come on powerful journeys of illumination, inspiration and empowerment. Her words of hope urge readers to pay attention to the life they live and to live it to the fullest.
Julianna Jay is a keynote speaker of merit as she is knowledgeable in many important topics i.e. mindfulness and strategic intervention to bring flow and to move blocks that prevent the fullest expression of mankind. Through her life codes, she inspires harmony, joy and meaning in the lives of others.
Julianna’s “Signposts from the Soul” intuitive readings bring clarity, direction and guidance to your ever-evolving path bringing forth fulfilling relationships and self-actualisation. Each signposts letter is full of love and offers the power to realise your dreams while living with purpose.
The power of Julianna’s work has brought forth a global community of followers who wish to transform their lives from surviving to thriving and living with joy.
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