Signposts from the Soul


I’m Julianna and I would love the whole world to light up.
I find joy in being a life coach, mentor and guide, empowering you to show the world in your own simple way, the beauty that lies within.
My earnest intention is to provide clarity, guidance and tools of empowerment, to assist you in finding purpose, peace and joy in your life.
Your soul session can focus on various areas:
from stress management, parenting, relationships, to uncovering your deepest desires and goals.
We always have the ability to make great life choices to bring meaning and purpose into all aspects of your life. I would love to help you to make your dreama a reality.
With my mentorship you can see more clearly what choices are available to you and what each choice would involve. A soul  session may help to show you the blessings behind the experiences you have had and inspire you on your courageous path to true joy.
As a mindfulness teacher, I love to show you enpowering tools and techniques to calm that senses of fear within the human expression with words of truth laced unconditional love and support.
May our connection provide a place for you to let your little light shine.