Signposts from the Soul

Julianna Jay is an inspirational keynote speaker, author and intuitive reader whose channelled words will uplift you and open your heart, as they feed the soul.

Her words of wisdom inspire you to reach within, to unleash your truest self, awakening you to the hidden treasures that lie within driving success encounters and self-expression.

Julianna Jay has been described as “a new thought leader”, sharing knowledge in many important topics i.e. spiritual laws governing the universe, mindful living, emotional intelligence and expanded consciousness.

She is a gifted intuit who lifts the energy while she speaks and her words magically bring a wave of energy through your heart space.

Through her inspirational life codes masterclass, she facilitates a collective experience that takes you higher, lifts you, challenges you, provokes you, offering you new perspectives. She holds sacred space for self-inquiry and mind shifting that awakens your truest vision inviting you to connect with your deepest desires and dreams, whether for impactful leadership, a wholehearted life, or a magical creative journey unleashing self-mastery and purposeful living.

Julianna’s amazing soul readings aka “Signposts from the Soul” bring clarity, direction and guidance to your ever-evolving path.  This clarity and self-awareness inspired transformational shifts enhancing relationships and self-actualisation. As a scribe/ writer each signposts reading is a letter which is full of love and divine inspiration to clear your path. The words of hope and empowerment offer the power to realise your dreams while living with purpose. 

The power of Julianna’s work has brought forth a global community of followers who wish to transform their lives from surviving to thriving while living with joy and gratitude.

 An encounter with Julianna will leave a warm and lasting imprint of joy and peace on your soul’s journey.

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