Signposts from the Soul



I’m Julianna and I want the whole world to light up!
As a speaker, author and intuitive reader for Source, I find joy in being the light worker’s helper, spiritual mentor empowering you to show the world in your own simple way the encoded beauty that lies within you.
My soul mission is to provide divine inspiration to help you to switch your light of truth on while providing you with Universal wisdoms that support you as you keep your light burning brightly through it all!
This is a place for empaths to stay tuned in . It is a sacred place where you will be presented with clues to make sacred connections that nourish you and make you excited to be alive.
I respect and endorse your intuition. Those ideas, etchings and callings you feel deeply in your heart are your intuitive souls’ calling to follow a life of meaning and purpose and they are your magic.These shoulder taps from Source are real burning passions but they often are accompanied by fear as you are stepping into the unknown.

As a channel for Source I calm that sense of fear with words of inspiration laced with unconditional love and understanding in my writing and through sharing as I speak the channelled words I download.
May it serve as a place for light workers to unite and stay tuned in so we can raise the vibration of the world one person at a time.