Signposts from the Soul

Welcome, it’s Julianna here. 

It is so  lovely to connect with you.
If you’re passionate about following your path and living from the soul you are in the right place.
One thing I know about you is…
YOU are a gift to the world.
The world needs your unique talent, you healing voice, hands and ability to hold sacred space for another, the love only you can give. That’s why I created this site.
My wish for you is to see you enabled to:
live your soul’s purpose
heal on the deepest level
experience love in every breath
share your gifts with the world.
To look beyond your life as you know and to let your little light shine.

I share inspirational and uplifting channelled messages from spirit, which I know hope will up-lift you.
They may inspire you to create a soul-filled life and heal many you encounter on your path.

I’m here to be your guide, teacher, and friend. Through my courses and on-line readings, I share everything I’ve learned over time in my daily connection with my guides and archangels who I lovingly refer to us as “The Dudes”.

My teachings and scribing (or writing) cover every spiritual topic under the sun, from intuition and to healing grief and embracing your sensitivity and the empath within.
I wish our connection to be a gentle and powerful learning experience where you re-connect with the wisdom of your soul.

Most importantly my earnest wish is to build a community of people who wish to live from their higher self.

This is a place of like-minded souls where you’re empowered to shine.

Always remember, you’re here for a reason.

Can’t wait to “see” you in class or to enjoy a sacred space in a private reading.

You are truly welcome to this soul connection.

Luv n light